Five Reasons Why Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Is Better Then Manual BP Monitor

Today we are going to make a short and comprehensive comparison between automatic blood pressure monitor and manual blood pressure monitor. This comparison can help you make an educated decision as to which one you should buy and keep the use of. No one can deny advantages of having a blood pressure monitor handy in case they have to use it, especially people who have a history of heart-related disease and hypertension are strictly advised to keep a constant check on their blood pressure levels in case any sign or symptom arises it can be treated without any delay. Following are five reasons why automatic blood pressure monitor is preferable on a manual one.

  • Portability

The Omron blood pressure monitor is usually a small handy device that is portable and easy to carry along with. This device is not bulky or heavy in any means and can be carried in a handbag even, which makes it safe and easy for transport and travel. Apart from hospital usage it is also very preferable for domestic use and recommended by doctors to patients who have to constantly monitor their blood levels.

  • Simplicity

It is simple to use in comparison with the manual device. In manual blood pressure monitor, you have to learn proper technique and method to take blood level readings but the automatic device is simple to use and comes without any complications. It is as simple as fastening the band on arm and pressing the start button, that’s it and you will have your blood pressure reading displayed on the monitor.

  • Longitivity

In terms of usage, you can get more bang out of your bucks as it does not require any maintenance or repairing if used with care and precaution. It has very low chances of getting malfunctioned or damaged which is a quite common feat in manual blood pressure monitor. Automatic blood pressure can be a onetime investment and gives usage over an extended period of time as it is not something sensitive and often made with a hard material.

  • Usage

Automatic blood pressure monitors are used in hospitals as well as domestically but one more usage that has become quite popular now is its use by athletes and sportsmen. Almost every sport require the player to stay calm and collective and for this purpose, automatic bp monitor is used as it is portable and compact. Hikers and mountain climbers have an automatic device in their backpacks as they also need to keep an eye on their health in case of extended periods of climbing and whenever they see a spike in their blood pressure levels they can stop and take rest.

  • Maintenance

It is quite easy to use and maintain as compared to the manual device as it only requires charging through a port or a change of batteries. Even the batteries keep going over an extended period of time and give the best usage with minimal maintenance.  For best results, the device should be kept fully charged and stored in a bag that comes with it.