Reasons To Choose PLASCORP

In the upgrading age of market, everyone is having a competition. Everyone is trying their best to overtake the other. This is where everyone gets confused to consider a better source from where they can buy their stocks. It’s in the human nature that they will recommend you the source they are working for because according to their perspective there in no one better other than their brand. To make you aware of the facts and letting you take your own decision to consider what is exactly best for you. It has been more than 50 years of PLASCORP of working and developing their class and name to the highest peak of the market. We are the associate members of The Australian Chambers of Manufactures, The National Precast Concrete Association of Australia, and Accessories distribution. PLASCORP manufactures their products as per the request of custom designed goods. PLASCORP offers the best quality of material in it’s products so that they can be guaranteed and named as the best products in the whole market. Our experience of more than 50 years in developing the industries more and more day by day is the proof that our honesty and passion with our work never comes to an end. PLASCORP products are trusted and reliable upto your expectations. We are the manufacturer of following products that are made under the guidance of our expert team in our different ranges of industries:

Mine Ventilation Ducting:

PLASCORP is very conscious for the quality of their products, mine ventilation ducting is a big responsibility to PLASCORP, therefore we make no compromises when it comes on the quality of our material, we have high quality PVC pipes in Melbourne that are specifically designed to pass the air under upmost pressure that passes through the underground to ventilate the mines.

PVC pipes:

We manufacture PVC pipes in our industries with our best quality of material, we offer PVC pipes for mining, irrigation, fluid drainage and many more. Each and every operation will be having their own types of pipes customized for the particular task.

Container Lines:

Our container lines are designed to contain any sort of package in the transport.

Flexible Ducting:

Flexible ducting is used where metal ducting cannot be installed, flexible ducting can be flexed to any extent of the required angle. Flexible ducting is also easy to be installed; flexible ducting is one of the main source of our business in our industries.

Drilling Screens:

We also install the pipes by threading them in the customer’s house as per their request.

These are some of the products we manufacture in our industry; this is our commitment to our customers to provide them with our best service and best guidance under our expert team.