Types Of Bong Designs

Whenever you go shopping for bongs, either online or at a retail store, you will be presented with a wide variety of bongs, which can make it difficult for you to select only one out of the many choices presented to you at first. While you might be able to figure out that metal bongs will be more durable than glass or plastic ones, what can you say about all those different bong designs? Naturally, you will have to do a lot of guesswork to figure out which one is good for your needs. Unfortunately, guesswork is just that: you can only predict a bong’s properties to a certain extent. To help you having to avoid just gambling on a bong design just because it caught your eye or you think it will work out, given below is a small list of the most common designs, including their advantages and drawbacks (if any):

  • Carburetor Bongs – A carburetor bong can be easily identified by the presence of a hole in the middle of the bong itself: if one is there, your chosen bong is a carburetor bong; otherwise it isn’t one. The main function of this hole is to allow the user to have a more intense experience. Simply put, the releasing your finger from the hole will force air inside the pipe, which will then propel the smoke more quickly into your lungs.
  • Straight Bongs – The simplest type of glass smoking pipe available out there. They are quite easy to use as well: you only need to put some water inside the tube along with some material to generate smoke and you are set to go. If you are having trouble with placing a straight bong on a level surface, consider purchasing a beaker bong with a larger base.
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs – These are more complex than other varieties, often consisting of several small tubes or chambers interconnected with each other. They do have some key advantages, such as producing a much smoother and cooler smoke due to the increased filtering area, but they have some disadvantages as well, including being complex to set up, use and clean-up. They are also more expensive to purchase than a conventional water pipe bong.
  • Percolator Bong – Any type of bong out of the ones given above can include a percolator. This small glass structure is there to cause a bubbling effect during the smoke filtration process to make the process smoother and to produce smoke that is filtered out better. Percolators themselves can come in various styles and shapes, with complex ones normally being a lot harder to clean than simple solutions