Difference Between Permanent And Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are very common among a lot of people all over the world. No one among us would want to miss a chance to look good, and hair extensions are a way for us to do that. There are two types of hair extensions, permanent and clip in hair extensions. They both have their own advantage sand disadvantages as well. Some people like the permanent hair extensions and other go for the clip in hair extensions for their hair. These hair extensions have become so popular because they help in making the hair look fuller and longer in length as well. People can choose from among the hair extensions available in the market, the best one to suit them according to the texture and the color of their own hair, and then they can blend both of them to give this world a natural look over all as well. 

The clip in extensions are the extensions that come with these clips that are already attached to the strands of the hair in the hair extension. We have to attach these pieces in our hair, close to the scalp so that we can enjoy the look with more volume added in our hair and so we would look much more beautiful than we ever looked before as well. These can be attached to our head without the need of any other professional, these are very easy to use by any person in this world. These extensions have clips that we have to clip on our human hair wigs in the simplest way possible. The clip in hair extensions can last from about three months to over a year, that is beca8se as soon as your hair grows back, you might have to reattach them near your scalp as well again and again. Another flaw is that you do not have to sleep with your extensions on as the clips might hurt the head as well. There is also a chance that one of the clips may break if it is overused or a lot of pressure is applied anyhow. But for the advantages, these are much less expensive when compared to the permanent hair extensions. 

Permanent hair extensions are the ones that are attached to your scalp, so close that it actually looks natural after it is done. The professional can perform this task only, as it requires a lot of heating and the use of glue in the head as well so that the hair extension would stay. Permanent hair extensions are not very safe to use and this is because of all the heat and the amount of glue used on the skin, it might damage the skin too. For more information, please log on to https://www.chiquel.com.au/human-hair-wigs