Impact Of A Dirty Office Environment

Your office is like your second home as you spend probably more than half your day in there. So how do you feel working in a dirty office? Most companies do not see the importance of keeping their offices clean and only focus on productivity and profit. However, what they do not realize is that cleanliness impacts greatly on productivity and hence cutting the ‘cleaning’ budget is not going to help. Cleanliness of the office is everyone’s responsibility and not just the maintenance staff’s. So here are some of the reasons why you should be taking cleanliness in office seriously.

  • High sickness rates
    A dirty office automatically means more germs which lead to spread of disease. A set of sick employees is not the greatest asset to you. There may be pending work that they could not complete and hence you’ll have to get it done by someone else who is not as good, which will impact in quality of work. You might also have to hire temporary staff to cover the work so that could cost you more than you think.
  • Lower staff morale
    A dirty work environment will give your employees the idea that they are undervalued and less important to you. If you ensure the place is clean, they will know you are taking extra care of them. If your office is filled with rodents and pests, of course they wouldn’t want to come to work. They will keep complaining and you’d have to bring in termite control North Lakes to ensure the place is clean to work. Also, if the furniture is damaged by such insects, it might be unsafe to sit on wooden surfaces as they could collapse and hurt your employees.
  • Higher costs
    With ill employees, you’ll have to spend for medical allowances and also bring in temporary workers to cover the work assigned. Also, you will have to pay for best pest control services to ensure the place is free of such insects. If any physical damage happens due to falls or accidents, you will have to pay for such expenses too. If employees complain to labour authorities, you will probably have to face legal expenses which can all be avoided if you simply kept your office clean.
  • Bad reputation
    Your customers and investors are always keeping an eye on your work. News of such unhealthy environments, employee damage, lower quality products etc. will harm your brand image immensely. Such news spreads like wildfire and your sales and profits will drop. Also, if your stores aren’t clean, your customers will not like visiting your store anymore.